A great record pt 1


I thought it might be nice to write about records old and new that aren’t on Triassic Tusk, but that i think are really good.

This first one is Wanderlea – Mane Joao. The only reason this is the first one is that it’s right on top of my listening pile. Until two days ago it was in my ‘to sell when i get time’ pile, but i listened to it and did an aural double take. What an incredible record. How could that have slipped into the wrong pile? Probably because it last went on during one of Crail’s remarkable 3 day haars and i couldn’t bare listening to something so light and Summery. But it’s Summer now…

It came out on Polydor Brazil in 1974 and was written and originally done by Erasmo Carlos.

Here it is… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wx_7YfmXSU