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Jo Foster hasn’t released a physical record before. It’s remarkable that someone who was covered by the Lone Pigeon on his Concubine Rice album, someone who’s written some of the finest songs of the last 20 years and someone who’s played some really beautiful gigs hasn’t released any wax, but i suppose that happens. This […]

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Win the last copy of Screamers, Bangers & Cosmic Synths, or if you can’t get all the tunes on the mix then you can pre-order one of the new ones at the shop if you fancy. Cheers  

BYE 2016

We bought a lot of records in 2016. And we launched a record label. Anyway, we were discussing the best albums and songs of the year and there were loads, and for some reason loads of our favourites weren’t on many end of the year lists. Here are some though   Pinegrove – Old Friends. […]

Tour over. Thanks everyone

Thanks for coming out and supporting a bit of live music and a bit of live record playing everyone. We’re back in our caves now, planning the next thing, whatever that is.

Scottish Tour coming soon…

Yes, it’s the Lomond Campbell, Kwaing Creasite and Moon Hop folk having a wee tour around. Tickets are available at the shop, don’t ask us to post them out please.

Thanks – Screamers, Bangers & Cosmic Synths has sold out

And some folk said some nice things about it…   Sounds of the Universe – “Stunning compilation (every track is a winner!) of obscure and oddball tracks that range from rare African disco to the freakiest of jazz workouts and psychedelic kosmiche! Features one of the most sought-after afro-disco cuts, the jaw-dropping minimal electronics of Steve Monite’s ‘Only You […]